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UniKlean Soft Washing for Cleaning the Moss Off Your Roof

When it comes to how to clean moss off your roof in Baltimore MD, you can feel confident when working with the experts in the industry. UniKlean Soft Wash is insured and bonded and guarantee their work is of the highest standards in the cleaning industry. When you contact the experts at UniKlean Soft Wash they will send out a highly trained uniformed technician who is factory trained in getting your roof back to top conditioning. Your Baltimore how to clean moss off roof service providers have achieved high ranking on Angie’s List and will work closely with you showing you all the reasons that you need to protect your roof now before the damage down the road leads to severe repairs.

The staff at UniKlean Soft Wash will come out to your home or business and show you all the benefits of having your roof professionally cleaned. When moss is allowed to grow on your roof it can lead to significant damage over time that will often time lead to you needing a roof replacement. These how to clean moss off roof Baltimore MD experts understand one of the reasons that the moss can be so damaging is that it slowly breaks away the consistency of the roofing. When the tiles on the roof are compromised you run the risk of water getting into the attic. Once the water is able to penetrate the surface of the roof it will find its way into the attic and eventually your ceilings. The problem with the water in the attic is that it tries to find the lowest point, so even if you locate the water in the attic you will never know exactly where it penetrated the roof. These how to clean moss off roof Baltimore MD professionals have the expertise to identify problem areas quickly.

How to clean moss off the roof, Baltimore MD

The professional team at UniKlean Soft Wash will show you that when the moss and algae accumulate on the roof it will break that seal that protects the tar mat from letting water into your home. The rain will begin to destroy the strength of the wood supports in the roof and in time compromise the entire roof. Water is difficult to locate in your roof because when it is not raining the water can be soaked in your insulation slowly damaging the sheetrock in your ceilings. When your roof is soft washed by experts in the industry you can be assured that the roof materials will not be damaged. Once the roof has been cleaned properly you will not have to be concerned about the moss damaging your home. The cleaning solutions that are used to remove every trace of the algae and return your home to its former beauty. The moldy green discoloured areas of your roof will be spotless when the team is complete. Your Baltimore how to clean moss off roof experts guarantees your complete satisfaction.

One other benefit to having the experts at UniKlean Soft Washing come out and clean the moss and algae from your roof area is that when moss is left untreated the rain and wind wash some of the contaminants into the gutters. Over time the moss begins to fill up the gutter and cause clogs and blockages. When there is a severe storm the water is not allowed to properly flow to the downspouts and winds up sitting in the gutters along the roof. This added weight causes the gutters to pull away from the home allowing water into those areas of the roof. When water gets behind the gutters, it causes the wooden area that the gutters are screwed into to become weak. These how to clean moss off roof Baltimore MD experts will show you that once the wood is not strong enough to hold a screw or nail, you run the risk of that gutter coming crashing down around the home. The added weight inside the gutter can also bend the gutter and stop it from allowing water to flow to the sides of the house like designed.

Baltimore how to clean moss off the roof

Your Baltimore how to clean moss off roof service providers will show you that when the moss and algae cause water to get to areas of your roof that they should not be, the wood will begin to suffer. Once your wood takes on water and begins to warp, you will not be able to simply clean the area, you will have to do major repairs to get the roof back to being functional and safe. Your roof is designed to protect the home from the elements, and moss can compromise that integrity if left untreated for long periods of time. Call now to schedule an appointment 410-709-3776

How to clean moss off the roof, Baltimore MD


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"When I first received the ad about UniKlean I was pretty skeptical. I never heard about the process and like everything I had to do my own Google research. My house was sitting for sometime before I purchased it and the previous owner neglected the exterior as you can tell from the pictures.The owner of UniKlean came out professionally dressed and presented me with a quote within a day. Before agreeing to the quote he answered my call every time I reached out and was very knowledgeable on the soft wash process.I reached out to other friends who had has their homes pressure washed recently and found out that they needed to get it redone just a year later. Here’s what sold me - found out that pressure washing takes off just the surface of the growth but soft washing goes deep into the root of the issue.They also went above and beyond to clean my house which I found out is their normal process. They climbed up and down the ladder multiple times when they saw something they didn’t like. My house is completely transformed. My neighbors complemented me multiple times on how great it looks. HIRE this company! I don’t write many reviews but I was so blown away that I had to submit a review for this one!!!"
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"Quick response for estimate and work. Fair pricing. Exceptional job! Highly recommend!!"
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"UniKlean did a phenomenal job! The soft wah looks great"
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"Very professional, great attention to detail - Awesome job all around. Made an incredible difference in how our house looks. We live in the woods and with all the rain this year had a lot of green mold on our siding. GONE! Gutters and windows look great too. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommend!"
Stacy O.
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