Exterior Cleaning

Soft washing: This method uses a lower-pressure stream of water and a cleaning solution to remove dirt, grime, and mold from surfaces. Soft washing is a gentler alternative to pressure washing and is safe for use on more delicate surfaces, such as stucco, vinyl, and cedar.

Exterior Cleaning, Baltimore MD

If you are looking for a company that can provide you with the best house exterior cleaning Baltimore MD has to offer, then look no further. At UniKlean Soft Washing, it is our job to take care of the exterior of your home or business and we make it our priority to provide the best exterior house cleaning Baltimore MD has ever seen.

There are many reasons why you should be concerned with the exterior of your home or business. It is probably the most neglected area of any building and the first area to cause problems that can end up being irreparable. With all of the moulds, mildew and bacteria that can develop from neglect, you would think that more people would take the initiative and find someone to help. Bringing in the professionals is probably the best thing anyone could do when it comes to exterior cleaning, and UniKlean Soft Washing provides the best exterior soft washing Baltimore MD has to offer.

Exterior Cleaning, Baltimore MD

Attempting to personally handle a job this important is a mistake many homes and business owners make these days. This is a common mistake but one that is quickly realized. A job this big might not seem incredibly difficult but it rarely takes long for the reality of the situation to set in. While you might end up saving a buck or two, to begin with, attempting to resolve a situation such as this on your own could end up costing you dearly in the end. Finding a company that can provide the best exterior soft washing Baltimore MD has to offer is the key to saving on your exterior cleaning needs.

Individuals who attempt to handle their own exterior cleaning tend to make the same mistakes and they, almost always, begin with purchasing a cheap pressure washer to spray all exterior surfaces as clean as they can get. While attempting to handle the job alone is the first mistake most make, using a pressure washer to take care of the job is the second. The days of using a pressure washer to do exterior cleaning are days of the past. This method of cleaning can actually do more harm than good.

It was once believed that simply Baltimore Exterior Cleaning an exterior surface clean was sufficient. If it made it look clean, then all was well. What quickly became evident was that using a pressure wash system to clean a surface that was, in all reality, infested with moulds, mildew and bacteria only made the situation worse. The pressurized water ended up accelerating the decomposition process that these tiny little pests had begun. Exterior cleaning has gone through many changes over the years but the biggest would have to be in the method used to get the job done.

The most effective way to clean the exterior of any building is to use a system called the SoftWash System. This new and improved method of cleaning exteriors utilizes a three-step process. The first step involves the cleaning of the surface which simply creates a more visually pleasing surface. The second step involves the destruction of anything and everything that poses a threat to the integrity of the surface itself. The third, and final, step protects the surface from any future problems. This step leaves a protective layer behind ensuring the safety of any surface that it has been applied to.

The benefits of using the SoftWash System, to handle your exterior cleaning needs, is fairly clear and is used by some of the best exterior cleaning companies. When it comes to house exterior soft washing Baltimore MD has one of the most reliable exterior cleaning services around called UniKlean Soft Washing.

Baltimore Exterior Cleaning

UniKlean Soft Washing is a bonded and insured company providing the best exterior cleaning, Baltimore MD has ever experienced. Our professional, uniformed technicians are factory trained and entrusted with the task of providing the best exterior house cleaning Baltimore MD can provide. We take pride in the quality of our service and prove it to our customers daily by guaranteeing all of our work.

When it comes to excellent exterior cleaning Baltimore MD companies like UniKlean Soft Washing set the standards. Our goal, as always, is to provide the area with the best house exterior cleaning Baltimore MD has ever seen. Leave the important work to the professionals you can trust and rest assured that the job of taking care of your home or businesses exterior needs are in good hands.

What Our clients say

"When I first received the ad about UniKlean I was pretty skeptical. I never heard about the process and like everything I had to do my own Google research. My house was sitting for sometime before I purchased it and the previous owner neglected the exterior as you can tell from the pictures. The owner of UniKlean came out professionally dressed and presented me with a quote within a day. Before agreeing to the quote he answered my call every time I reached out and was very knowledgeable on the soft wash process. I reached out to other friends who had has their homes pressure washed recently and found out that they needed to get it redone just a year later. Here’s what sold me - found out that pressure washing takes off just the surface of the growth but soft washing goes deep into the root of the issue. They also went above and beyond to clean my house which I found out is their normal process. They climbed up and down the ladder multiple times when they saw something they didn’t like. My house is completely transformed. My neighbors complemented me multiple times on how great it looks. HIRE this company! I don’t write many reviews but I was so blown away that I had to submit a review for this one!!!"
Stanley Sam
Google review
"Quick response for estimate and work. Fair pricing. Exceptional job! Highly recommend!!"
Wendy A.
BBB review
"UniKlean did a phenomenal job! The soft wah looks great"
Matt Jayko
Google review
"Very professional, great attention to detail - Awesome job all around. Made an incredible difference in how our house looks. We live in the woods and with all the rain this year had a lot of green mold on our siding. GONE! Gutters and windows look great too. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommend!"
Stacy O.
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